Boot Camp Manual

Boot Camp Fitness for All Shapes and Sizes
Colonel Bob has put together a manual titled Boot Camp Fitness for All Shapes and Sizes. His stated mission is to keep us alive, healthy and happy. His programs focus on this mission.

Boot Camp Fitness is a practical and useful complete boot camp fitness manual. Packed with exercise photos and charts. Find out how to eat right, exercise without a gym, how to start a fitness boot camp, weight loss and much more. Featured on the History Channel.

Here is an excerpt from the book, Boot Camp Fitness for All Shapes and Sizes

Table of Contents:
Change Your Lifestyle - Ground Rules for Success

Chapter 1
Change Your Character - Core Values and Character
Chapter 2
Test for Change -War-game Your Health
Chapter 3
Change Your Weight - Six Keys to Permanent Weight-loss
Chapter 4
Change Your Focus - Myths and Propaganda
Chapter 5
Catalyst For Change - Thank God for Hemorrhoids!
Chapter 6
Change Your Corporate Culture - How to Implement a Corporate Wellness Program
Chapter 7
Change How You Work Out - How to Organize You Own Fitness Boot Camp
Chapter 8
Kick-start Change - M.O.V.E. ™ Weight-loss Program
Chapter 9
Change the Health Crisis -The Health Crisis in America
Chapter 10
Goals Equal Change - Fitness Goals and Progress Measurement
Chapter 11
Change by Finding Your Purpose - Spiritual "Full Metal Jacket"
Chapter 12
Real People Change; You Can Too - Real Weight-loss Stories

Physical Exercises - All You Will Ever Need

Chapter 13
Complete Body Stretch
Chapter 14
Upper Body without Weights
Chapter 15
Upper Body with Resistance Bands
Chapter 16
Lower Body without Weights
Chapter 17
Jump, Kick and Punch
Chapter 18
Cardio and Agility Drills
Chapter 19
Abdominal Strength Training
Take Action Now
Challenge to Change Lifestyle Contract

Wide Push-up
Straight Leg Inclines
Shoulder Press with Resistance Band
Flutter Kicks

Running Drills, Beach Boot Camp Fort Lauderdale
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