Friday, March 18, 2011

100 Push-ups - Five Week Workout Plan

by Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, USAR-Ret.

For those of you who are interested in becoming one of the few who can perform 100 push-ups in two minutes, this workout plan is for you.

Test: Benchmark where you are now at with push-ups and perform as many regular push-ups as you can in two minutes. Whatever that score is, divide it in half. That will be your reps per set. If you tested with a score of 30 push-ups, your training set will be 15 reps. Test yourself once a week and adjust your training reps accordingly.
Training Sets: Perform 10 sets per training day. Rest 20 to 60 seconds per set.
Training Days: 3 days per week, with rest days, if possible. A rest day means go get some cardio.

Optional: Supplement with pull-ups, 2 days per week, 10 sets per training day.
Optional: Mix pyramid training and the combined jog/run and push-ups workouts.
If you have not accomplished your goal of 100 push-ups after five weeks, repeat the last two weeks and keep working.

Sample Five Week Push-ups Workout Plan

This is an example of one day’s entries. Notice the decrease in actual reps from one set to the next. The reason for this will probably be lack of sufficient muscle endurance to maintain the target reps. Do not be concerned about this if it happens to you. You are making progress because you are reaching the point of fatigue. From week to week your muscle endurance (and strength) will improve.

Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein, USAR-Ret.