Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 - I Remember That Day Clearly

I remember that day very clearly. I was at work. It didn't seem like reality for America. 
Honor and gratitude to those who took action during 9/11 and to those who took action against those responsible. 
My thoughts and prayers to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who survived. My thoughts and prayers go out to families and friends as well. 
I remember that day well. I was sad and angry. I was already retired from the US Army. The next day, I called my military contact office and requested to be sent to go after those responsible. I was told I was not needed as a retiree at the time. 
Let us honor this day as Americans by treating the United States of America as our extended family. We have our differences as any family does. Can those who want to do us harm recognize by what we say and do that we stand as a nation together? Or do they think we are an easy target? Treat our country as extended family, especially when our way of life is threatened.