Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best Exercises for Butt, Abs and Thighs

Col. Bob running
Looking for the best exercises for those "trouble zones" butt, abs and thighs? Multiple short distance sprints of 50 to 100 yards five to ten times will work wonders not only for the cardio. The butt, legs and core muscles will get an awesome workout. Try it and you will feel the lower body and core muscles for a couple of days after such a workout. The butt muscle is designed for running. The Training should reflect the orchestration of muscles and not isolation. Any exercise that reflects natural body movement is always helpful. Pushups are a great exercise to work the abs and entire midsection which must work with proper pushup posture. 50 to 100 squats per set and lots of lunges will work the thighs, among other muscles. 50 to 100 crunches per set is another way to work the abs. Core muscles include the abs and lower back. It’s important that muscles are used in synch with each other so that there is balance. That balance happens when the muscles are trained with natural movement as opposed to isolating a muscle. Muscle isolation is unnatural. Muscles are designed to work in orchestration together.

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