Thursday, May 12, 2011

Navy Seals Principles to Train, Work and Live By

Osama Bin Laden was eliminated by some of the best trained soldiers on the earth, the Navy Seals. Can we apply some of the operational principles applied by the Navy Seals to our lives? Yes, we can.

Here are five. There are more.

1. Be Team Focused.
We live in a society that predominantly follows the "me" principle. The first question that comes to mind is "What's in it for me?" or WIIFM? A team focused approach to life and work is primarily interested in the impact on the lives of others, our family members, friends, fitness buddies or fellow workers. As an instructor both in the military and now in the civilian world, I can observe both types of recruits, the "me" types and those who are focused on caring for others.

2. Take a Second Look at Your Decisions.
Life is dynamic. Every military operation requires a plan. No plan was ever executed exactly as planned. Why? That's the reality of life and war. Reassess where you are at in life constantly. Be open to reevaluating and making corrections along the way. Take the blinders off and be flexible.

3. Manage Your Emotions.
Use your body and mind to control your emotions. Maintain a physical body posture that supports the missions and decisions you have made to accomplish your worthy goals you have set and to help you deal with others in an honorable way.

4. Use Long and Short Term Goals.
I am always asking the question, "What is more important? Long or short-term goals?" Long-term goals are more important, short-term goals are essential to get where we want to be, long-term. 

5. Have Confidence in Yourself.
Circumstances never have the last word. Have utter confidence in yourself. Do not talk down to yourself, or others. Be focused on what you want to accomplish, not on the circumstances. This will allow your mind to keep you on track without being preoccupied with the circumstances.