Monday, September 16, 2013

Dating Scam with Colonel Bob's Photos

Dating Scam with Colonel Bob's Photos

I think I've experienced it all until I got a call from a woman who said she has been in love with "me" for three months only to find out that it wasn't me. She called and stated that she had an online relationship with someone by the name of Major Dave Weinstein who is on active duty in the U.S. Army. After three months she decides to do some internet searches and finds my website and - to her surprise - the photos of Major Dave Weinstein were photos of Lt. Colonel Bob Weinstein.

The scam appears to be organized and using the military angle to attract those looking for love. Eventually money is needed for some military related item to help the soldier.

BBC reported on some major arrests that took place worldwide. BBC story: Million dollar dating scan mum and daughter arrested.

This scam has already been posted on

Please let me know if you run across such a scam on the internet.

Good News - Tom Bartlett is back in town

Tom Bartlett, who has been fighting leukemia in Tampa, FL is back in Fort Lauderdale. His battle started in December of last year and - after successful treatment - is back out on the beach walking in the morning and in a few weeks will work his way back to more rigorous training.

Tom is the dude in the photo

Beach Boot Camp on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Boot Camp classes at the Marriott Harbor Beach on Mon, Wed and Thu at 7 pm and Sat mornings at 8 AM.

Early bird boot camp on Tue and Thu at 5:30 AM. We meet on the west side of the Las Olas Bridge.