Thursday, January 9, 2014

Foundational Fitness: Do you have it?

Foundational fitness is defined (by Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein) as overall fitness that trains all body parts naturally to include cardio. Beach boot camp by Colonel Bob is foundational fitness. From a health standpoint, foundational fitness is not an option.

Beach boot camp by Colonel Bob on Fort Lauderdale Beach rules for class:

  • for all fitness levels (Don't think you need to get in shape before coming to class.)
  • is team building and fun
  • all newcomers are introduced to the group and welcomed into the fold
  • positive motivation and encouragement is used
  • you do what you can do (Don't think you need to get in shape before you come to class! That's is a violation of foundational fitness training.
  • all shapes and sizes (Don't think you need to lose weight before coming to class.)


Beach Boot Camp Instructor Bob Weinstein Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired cell 954-790-7111 email: