Friday, January 9, 2015

What's it going to take?


What's it going to take to get moving on those plans, thoughts or goals to lead a healthy lifestyle? 

The health and fitness industry loves the first quart of the year because people are buying memberships and all kinds of products for weight loss, getting in shape, eating healthier and so on. The end of the second quarter of the year looks different. You'd think that most people fell off a cliff
and the truth is, they did, figuratively. As soon as the conflict between how they have been living to how they want to live takes place, the former wins for most people.

But does it really take that much effort? No, it doesn't. Two things must fundamentally happen:

1. Change your way of thinking.
2. Change the way you live.

One of the guests at a speaking engagement asked me during the Q and A session about the best strategy to stop eating too many bagels. Expecting all the years of my experience to reveal some special insight into what to do, I responded with "Stop it!" I think he was at first a little startled by the frontal approach of dealing with the issue and then as though a light bulb went off in his head, he said, "Ok, I'll stop it."

The dirty word in the entire process is "change." No one likes it, for better or for worse. The only way to bring about change is to overcome inertia and create momentum for the new lifestyle.


No, you don't need high intensity workouts to get fit and stay in shape. You need, however, consistency. The beach boot camp classes are designed around this principle where the primary focus is on health. All shapes and sizes and fitness levels are in class and everyone gets what they need. The training is not combat focused and it is not focused on becoming an athlete or athletic performance. It is health focused and team focused. No one is anonymous in the classes. A positive and fun atmosphere is maintained so that everyone gets what they need while naturally enjoying the social interaction with others. 


Yes. Eating plays a role in staying fit and healthy. Perfect healthy eating habits are not required. However, predominantly healthy eating is required. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables, good sources of fat such as nuts or flax seeds and good sources of protein, predominantly plant based but may be chicken, fish, eggs or other sources.

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Recruiting for beach boot camp is in full swing for the month of January. Don't put it off. To join beach boot camp, send an email to Colonel Bob at and let him know what you want to accomplish to achieve better health.

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